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Li’L Guy Foods® is a leading Kansas City based distributor of quality Mexican food products.

The Li’L Guy name has come to mean the best in authentic, thin stone ground corn and flour tortillas. The specialty of Li’l Guy Foods® is a type of “fresh corn tortilla” also known as a “maiz tortilla”. Li’L Guy maiz tortillas are still made fresh, every day, from a thousand year old traditional recipe of only three ingredients; corn, water, and a trace of lime. Li’L Guy Foods® is also proud to excel in another specialty corn flour tortilla category known as “corn flour tortillas”. Corn flour products produce a thicker, doughy tortilla that is popular in authentic dishes such as Sopes and Empanadas, Enchiladas, Pupusas, Guaraches and Atole.

The process of making authentic stone ground “fresh corn tortillas” has nearly become a lost art and is being used less and less in the industry in favor of blended tortillas. The creation of a quality corn tortilla product requires employees with high skill levels acquired from lengthy apprenticeships. Li’L Guy Foods® is fortunate to have four full time employees and two owners with these skills and knowledge. The fact that Li’L Guy Foods® is one of only a handful of tortilla manufactures producing the largely loved, but rarely found “fresh corn tortillas” is often cited as a catalyst of our growth.

Li’L Guy Foods® is a full service DSD (direct store delivery) vendor and offers customers their choice of both preferred delivery and ordering schedules, and shelf stocking. The DSD model is a benefit to retail partners and reduces their stocking and maintenance costs. All Li’L Guy Foods® products sold to institutional food service companies and restaurants come in clear, unmarked bags. We are proud of our friendly and customer centric service and customer preferred delivery schedules. Our ability to create custom, short or long run product offerings, has made Li’L Guy Foods® the favorite Mexican food provider of many of Kansas City’s top restaurants and grocers.


Ball’s Price Chopper
& Hen House Stores
Wal-Mart Supercenter
& Neighborhood Market

Cosentino’s Price Chopper
& Sun Fresh Stores
Apple Market, Thriftway
& Sun Fresh

Homeland’s &
Price Chopper
Price Chopper
Queen’s Price Chopper
Mexican Cafe

Rancho Grande
El Pueblito

Manny’s Mexican Restaurant

Casa Paloma
Danny’s Bar
and Grill
And Many Others



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