Li'L Guy Foods Vice-President, Christina Sloan, Is One of Kansas City's 50 Most Influential Women


March 28, 2008



The staff at Li'L Guy Foods congratulate Christina Sloan on her nomination as one of Kansas City's 50 Most Influential Women

The reader's of K.C. Business magazine have voted with their pens and the results are in. Christina Sloan, Vice President of Li'L Guy Foods has been nominated by her peers in the Kansas City Business community as one of the 50 Most Influential Women and joins the ranks of great women leaders in companies big and small.

The company, started in 1965 by her grandfather, has been the focus of her undivided attention for the past 15 years. Through her leadership, the company has persevered through all types of business and economic conditions.

From her idea to provide K.C. consumers with the first re-sealable tortilla bags in 1996, to her work bringing the uniquely colored Red and Gold Kansas City Chips to market, Christina is a constant reminder of what perseverance can accomplish. Christina's marketing savvy has also earned Li'L Guy Foods the distinction of being the #1 Local Tortilla and Tortilla Chips company (Nielson, 2008).

Congratulations Christina, from your friends and family at Li'L Guy Foods, on this incredible accomplishment.


ABOUT Li’L Guy Foods®
Li’L Guy Foods® is a leading Kansas City based manufacturer/distributor of a full line of quality Mexican food products and is known for providing the best in authentic thin stone ground corn, corn flour, and flour tortillas, and tortilla chips. Started in 1965 by Don Miranda, Li’L Guy Foods® is still run by 3rd generation family members David and Christina Sloan. Li’L Guy Foods® supports the Hispanic community and is a proud member of both the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and is involved with Kansas City Political Action Committees and Minority Development Councils. Li’L Guy Foods® is a certified MBE and DBE.


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